Wraparound School Services

United Way Partners with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to Implement Wraparound Strategies for Academic Achievement

In April, 2013, CMSD CEO Eric Gordon announced 13 Investment Schools to receive particular attention and resources, such as new principals and teachers, updated facilities, etc. United Way is partnering with the school district to implement a community wraparound strategy within each of these Investment Schools. The Investment Schools include: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Anton Grdina, Robinson G. Jones, Walton, Mound, Kenneth Clement Boys’ Leadership Academy, Luis Munoz Marin, Lincoln West, Case, Collinwood, Alfred A. Benesch, John Adams and Robert Jamison.

Each school will have a framework in place to provide direct and comprehensive services to students, families and community members to address their educational, physical, social and emotional needs. With a community wraparound strategy, we can increase learning readiness, academic achievement, healthy families and communities, and socially responsible citizens.
To accomplish this goal collaboratively with CMSD, United Way will:
Develop the wraparound structure, protocols, data sharing and partner coordination, professional development and trainings, mutual partner and community communication process
Guide the planning process coordinating community partners, establishing an accountability system for school sites and share relevant data
Work with community agencies, foundations and corporations to identify resources to support each lead agency’s program budget
Evaluate the success of each school’s academic achievement and the impact of the wraparound strategy