Cleveland Young and Loud

About Cleveland Young and Loud Podcast

Cleveland Young & Loud is a youth-led podcast that is bringing candid and entertaining conversations to the teens of Cleveland. We are looking for a group of core leaders that would be staple influences and co-producers of the show.


Empowerment and Representation

Help provide a voice for teens like you and share your opinion on topics that matter to you.

Community involvement

Network and build community with other teens in Cleveland.

Travel Locally

Opportunities to go to other schools in Greater Cleveland to further the conversations you want to have.

Career Exploration

Internship and networking opportunities with local professionals of all fields.

Be an Influencer

Get ready for your personality to be witnessed by your peers and grow your reach of impact in Cleveland.

Learn New Skills

Get trained in journalism, audio and video production, marketing, social media, and peer to peer relations.