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Beverly Corrigan Learning Lab


Youth - Beverly Corrigan Learning Lab

If I can just see that light of learning, that bright light in their eyes, that’s when I know in my heart that it’s all worthwhile, knowing they learned something from me.
- Beverly Corrigan

In 1998, the John E. Corrigan family established an endowment named the Beverly Corrigan Memorial Fund in memory of Beverly Corrigan – wife, mother, educator and friend. The purpose of the fund is to support a learning lab at West Side Community House (WSCH).  Since its inception, over 750 children have used the lab in a variety of ways. Today, the lab is used by WSCH’s Sisterhood and Summer of Sisterhood programs.

Literacy is the foundation for all learning, and the lab has an extensive library of books suitable for all ages, with an inviting reading area that beckons to the children to curl up and read a good book. In the attractive, relaxed atmosphere of the lab, reading becomes a pleasure rather than a challenge and an embarrassment.

Participants in our Sisterhood program who use the lab have scant access to computers, yet computers are a critical requirement in order to succeed in high school and beyond and to one day find a good job. Sisterhood girls are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA.  If they do not, in order to remain in the program they are required to attend tutoring sessions conducted in the Lab with college student tutors.  The computers also are used for a variety of learning opportunities.  With ten workstations controlled by the teacher, youth learn everything from basic math skills to how to create a PowerPoint presentation.  Each PC has educational software programs designed to engage children and make learning fun.